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A writing space is a temple for a writer. It’s the place we go every day to type away on our work in progress (WIP) until we have a final draft. A ritual of sorts. Every writer’s writing space is different, and it is supposed to make you comfortable and ready to write. By entering your temple, you immediately access your flow state and write for hours at a time.

Writing becomes a meditation, giving your subconscious permission to communicate with you. When you are comfortable in your writing space, the words flow smoothly from your mind to the page, and it often feels like nothing can stop you.

In my writing space, I like to have a dim, Himalayan salt lamp lighting my desk and incense burning behind my laptop. It puts me in a trance-like meditative state that immerses me into the world of my novel.

I notice that when I write outside of my writing space, I am less productive and have trouble getting my mojo going.

Finding Your Writing Space

Perfect Writing Space-Finding yours

The first question you must ask yourself; where do I feel most comfortable? For me, I feel most comfortable in my room, so that is where I write. I have a small table where I set my laptop, a dragon incense holder, and my salt lamp on my dresser. Because I also sleep and eat in my bedroom, I like to start my writing session with a meditation to clear my mind and cleanse the energy.

Back in undergrad, I lived close to a beach. After classes finished for the day, I would take my backpack and laptop to a secluded spot on the beach and sit with the sound of the waves as I completed my homework for the day.

It was peaceful and allowed me to completely focus on my projects without getting distracted by my phone or roommates.  It made writing a form of self-care, a time to focus on myself and disconnect from stress.

In finding your own writing space, keep this mindset of self-care. You are going to spend a lot of time here, and it’s going to set the mood for your writing. If you feel comfortable in the living room or backyard – think about setting up your writing space there. Make it as serene and yourself as you can.

Look at the themes or settings of your WIP and base your space upon them. My WIP is inspired by spirituality, and eastern philosophies, so I like to set up a spiritual environment to immerse myself in the project.

Protect Your Space

Ideally, the only time you enter your writing space is to write. Otherwise, it will lose that flow state feel, and it will become just a location. Writing in my room is not ideal for this, but you also must work with the spaces you have.

In my ideal future, I will have a room dedicated to writing – having a desk by a window, a corner for meditation, a bookshelf for my work, and books I own. And, a place where I light my incense. I will only go into the room when it is time to work, and it will be closed off when I am done.

The point is to protect the sacredness of my writing space. It’s the place where I connect with myself and tell my stories. I don’t want to taint the feelings of safety that it brings. Once the space is corrupted, it becomes much easier to get distracted and become unproductive in your writing. I have tips on getting rid of writer’s block here if you need more help.

Often, this will manifest itself in continually checking my phone, watching youtube, or playing videogames. I will avoid the work in front of me, hoping to find some inspiration to get back into writing.

The point of a writing space is that you won’t want to get distracted. It’s the place you feel most productive. To protect this, it is best to separate it from other aspects of your life. Try not to eat, watch tv, or do things that distract from writing or take your attention away.

Remember, the space is your temple!


Your writing space is a temple that you must nourish and respect. In protecting your ritual, you will increase your focus and have the ability to write for hours at a time without distraction. The trick is finding a space you feel comfortable and motivated to work.

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